Articles & Media 48

  Angela Davis: Making ‘Radical’ Imaginable
  Shaping Sustainable Urban Landscapes in Punggol Eco-town, Singapore
  Evicted LES Community Center is part of a trend in New York City
  The Story of the Bronx’s Spofford Juvenile Detention Center
  Plazas, Bikes, and Public Art: A ‘Streetfight’ Panel Discussion
  Migrant Squatters in Berlin Fighting for the Right to the City
  Thinking Beyond the Market: Housing Alternatives from the People
  You Can Teach a Man to Farm: Interview with Connor Vaughn, Farm School NYC
  Zoning, Academia, and UDL Teach-Ins
  RAT FILM Screening and Discussion
  Populism, Gender and Language: Lessons from Latin America and Beyond
  What is a Model City? Screening and Discussion
  Board to Death?
  Coding While Black: Artificial Intelligence, Computing, and Data in a Racialized World
  Resilient Organization/Resilient Community
  Chinatown Hunger Strike: The Crisis of 83-85 Bowery
  "MUNICIPALISM IN SPAIN From Barcelona to Madrid, and Beyond" (repost from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
  REVIEW: The City is the Factory Panel Discussion
  Capital City of Contraband: How a Railroad Made and Unmade an Ethiopian City
  Capital Sinks: Urban Eco-Resilience In the Face of Capitalist Power Structures
  The Outer City: Laïcité and Lack in France’s Postcolonial Banlieues
  “El Barrio No Se Vende!”: Righteous Uproar at an East Harlem Rezoning Hearing
  Review: After-Effects of the High Line
  The Future of The Hole: New York City’s Most Forlorn Bordertown
  Criminalizing Dance & Movements Against Police Brutality On Screen: GET LITE and WHOSE STREETS at City Lore
  Review: Peter Moskowitz discusses How to Kill a City
  Discussing the Legacy of Jane Jacobs
  Review: Michael Hardt speaks on Assembly
  Why Your Mortgage Interest Deduction Might Be Bad Housing Policy
  Ethan Earle: "Trump Is Trying to Make NAFTA Even Worse. It’s Time to Throw Sand in the Gears."
  Fearless Cities: A Dispatch from Barcelona
  "Dadaab is a Place on Earth" and African Cities Week
  Squatting LES, by Georgina Hahn
  Bronx Times on "Narrating Our Neighborhood: The Melrose Oral History Project"
  Review: Welcome to the Occupation: Squatting and Resistance from Berlin to New York
  On "Black Palestinian Solidarity in an Age of Struggle"
  Review: Economic Crisis and Democracy in Brazil – A Talk by Dilma Rousseff
  Love Thy Neighbor? — Public Housing, The Tafelberg Saga, and the Future of Integration in Cape Town
  Arts & Democracy Workshops: Cultural Organizing for Community Change
  Dispatch from Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, October 2016
  Housing Research Helps Organizers Understand Williamsburg Issues
  Interview With Ruchira Gupta, Founder and President of Apne Aap Women Worldwide
  I Can Sell My Body If I Wanna: Riot Grrrl Body Writing, Feminist Resistance, and Neoliberalism: An Illustrated Lecture with Leah Perry
  A View from a New York City Rent Guidelines Board Meeting, June 13, 2016
  “Call and Response: Black Power 50 Years Later” at Brooklyn Historical Society
  Review: “If you can’t afford to live here, mo-o-ove” at Mitchell-Innes & Nash
  Introducing our Summer Blogger: Ayesha Sharma
  Book Talk Review: Diversity Explosion with William Frey