Mutual Aid Resources and Analysis During COVID-19

Etching reading "We are all we really have: Solidarity"

The Urban Democracy Lab brings together progressive urbanists, social justice activists, and academics committees to a just urban future. In the midst of the terror and crisis of the coronavirus in NYC, we are joining with new mass movements erupting throughout the city and world. While our city is shut down, hundreds of thousands of people are reaching out to help their neighbors, building online mutual aid networks, demanding adequate and just policies from our public officials, and fighting for their survival from employers and landlords. Moved by these projects, we compiled the resources and links below for the UDL community. Please share widely, take care of yourself and your neighbors, and fight together for a just response to COVID-19.

US Mutual Aid & Organizing Resources

NYC Mutual Aid & Organizing Resources

Community-Specific & Sector-Based National Resources

Movement Statements & Platforms

Public Health Information