The Urban Democracy Lab promotes critical, creative, just, and sustainable forms of urbanism through engaged scholarship, collaborative undergraduate and graduate coursework, creative public programming, and active publication.


  A/P/A Represents
Oct 29, 2020 | 6:30pm8:00pm

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  Democratizing the Green City

Green cities present us with a paradox: everyone agrees that our future lies in cities and that these cities need to be greener and more sustainable. But zoom in on any given project and, over and over, the same problem presents itself: too often green progress reinforces social inequality. Greening a place—either by reducing pollution...
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  Urban Humanities and Their Publics

Who speaks for the city? For whom and by whom is scholarship produced? Humanities scholars have increasingly become major caretakers of histories, representations, interpretations, physical designs, and experiences of city life. This has been crucial to create exchanges across disciplines and to provide new understandings and frameworks for processes of urbanization. Too often marginalized in...
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  Turning Out Voters in a Time of Crisis: Views from the Frontline
Oct 14, 2020 | 5:30pm8:30pm
  Climate Sensing and Data Storytelling
May 1, 2020 | 9:00amMay 9, 2020 3:00pm
  WEBINAR SERIES: Bending Toward Justice: Building Power for a Post-Pandemic Future
Apr 23, 2020 | 6:30pm8:00pm