The Urban Democracy Lab promotes critical, creative, just, and sustainable forms of urbanism through engaged scholarship, collaborative undergraduate and graduate coursework, creative public programming, and active publication.

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  Social Housing

There is a growing, nationwide housing crisis. In the last few years, the discussion among housing movements has moved from a critique of gentrification, displacement, and other manifestations of that crisis to a search for an alternative vision. That vision requires creating housing whose production, distribution, and management is guided by deeply democratic principles, a...
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  Engaged Urbanists

Engaged Urbanists is our longest-standing, core working group. It meets twice a month and is built on reviewing works-in-progress that emphasize the porousness of the walls between the academy and the “real” world, scholars and activists, teachers and learners. More →

  Dismantling Racial Capitalism

Dismantling Racial Capitalism creates space to develop and sharpen our understanding of racial capitalism, how it functions, its horrific consequences, and, most importantly, how we can challenge and dismantle it. Our programs convene academics, organizers, policy-makers, students and change-makers for a deeply-rooted examination of how racial capitalism drives inequality, exploitation, and destruction, and how we...
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