Thinking Beyond the Market: Housing Alternatives from the People

Wednesday, March 28, 12:00am8:00pm


Unaffordable and precarious housing has become the new normal, as America’s protracted housing crisis continues to deepen. Has the time come to think beyond the market? How viable are bottom-up, non-market alternatives like Community Land Trusts and Tenement Syndicates? The Urban Democracy Lab is proud to host a panel discussion that takes up the question, featuring scholars and activists at the forefront of that very discussion while celebrating the release of Right To The City’s report, “Community Over Commodities,” and the UDL’s background report, “Under One Roof.”

Participants include:
Val Orselli, Project Director, Cooper Square Community Land Trust
Mo George, Picture the Homeless
Anya Irons, Director of Operations/General Counsel, UHAB
Tom Angotti, Professor Emeritus, Hunter College, Department of Urban Policy and Planning and The Graduate Center, CUNY