The Message: The Hip-Hop-Head’s Guide to City Planning — a K(n)ow (Y)our (C)ity event

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Wednesday, November 5, 7:00pm8:30pm
Advertisement for "The Message: The Hip-Hop-Head's Guide to City Planning" event
A K(n)ow (Y)our (C)ity Event
Since its inception, Hip-Hop has been a form of discourse about city planning. The four pillars of Hip-Hop (Rap, Break-dancing, Graffiti and DJing) serve as a way for many city dwellers to interact with their environment. We will be using rap lyrics as a lens to view urban planning concepts. We will examine the structural and systematic violence that occurs in underserved urban neighborhoods. Using the vernacular and methodology of Hip-Hop culture, we can give the power back to the people and create cities that are People-Centric.

Reynold Martin is an aspiring urban planner. He is a founding member of the Young Planners Network, a network of young people and adult allies working to make urban planning a more democratic process. Reynold is a professional teaching artist who uses rap lyrics to examine the structural and systematic violence that occurs in under-served urban neighborhoods. He is a student at Fordham University.Refreshments will be provided!

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— The Know Your City Team