SI SE PUEDE: Seven Days at PAH Barcelona (Screening and Discussion)

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The documentary SÍ SE PUEDE: Seven days at PAH Barcelona recounts the day-to-day struggles of Barcelona‘s PAH (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages). Following various participants it illustrates the group’s tireless activities on behalf of Spanish homeowners. The film highlights not only the dramas of the post-housing bubble, but also the huge and often invisible work behind this social movement.  For those under siege by banks, landlords, and mortgage lenders, SI SE PUEDE reminds us of the shared, global struggle to protect the human right to housing.  This screening will be followed by a discussion with activists Vicente Rubio Pueyo, Elia Gran and Lucas Shapiro.

20 Cooper Square, Room 222

Space is limited.  Attendance will be capped at 30 people.