Volunteer Opportunity with Democracy 2.1

Our friend, Asher Novek, New York Field Director for Democracy 2.1, has the following volunteer opportunity available.  Please be in touch with him if you are interested:

“This past Spring, Democracy 2.1 (D21) worked on bringing digital ballots to Participatory Budgeting in NYC. I’m reaching out now with another volunteer opportunity for another D21/PB venture this Fall.

“D21 is working with the City Council staff to bring our tool to the early idea collection and assessment stage of PB throughout the City.  We will be attending the community assemblies and the delegate committee meetings, and are seeking volunteers to help be the D21 staff at those meetings, working hands on with the Council staff and the community to use the D21 platform as a polling tool to engage constituents in the process of getting projects on the ballot, not just the vote itself.  Our aim is to provide the community a way to engage in the process earlier on and be involved in the deliberation so that the engagement continues through the vote itself.

“The process begins now and we’ll be running these as often as we can at as many public assemblies as we can until November or so.

“Here’s some info about D21 itself:

And here’s a write up about the process from last cycle:

Anyone interested can reach out to Asher Novek at: