Democratizing the Green City

Organizing meeting for the People’s Climate Movement NY

From our friends at The People’s Climate Movement:

The People’s Climate Movement – the national coalition that came out of the organizing of the historic climate march two years ago – is calling for a massive mobilization in Washington, DC next April. This march will come at the end of a six month campaign which starts now!

While focusing on the urgent need for bold action on the climate crisis, this effort is grounded in our commitments to racial and economic justice. During the transition period between the election and the inauguration, and then during the first 100 days of the new presidency and new Congress, we will be calling for speedy government action…and we will be mobilizing people to bring the message directly to policy makers in Washington.

The People’s Climate Movement has agreed on a platform that is the foundation of this effort. And the newly constituted national steering committee for this mobilization has agreed to bring massive numbers of people to Washington, DC on April 29th, 2017, just as the first 100 days is coming to and end. The president-elect and much of the Republican Party leadership does not believe the science of climate change and they are directly tied to the fossil fuel industries. We face an uphill battle, but too much is at stake to step back now.

There is a great deal of work to do nationally, and right here in NYC. And that’s why we are reaching out to you now.

It would be great if you or someone from your organization can be at our important meeting on ThursdayNov.17thWe will review what’s happening nationally, what the election results mean for our work, and then spend most of this meeting discussing our plans for organizing in NYC. We’ll send out an agenda before the meeting, but hopefully you can make plans now to attend.

We know that a major mobilization in DC requires a strong effort and large turn out from the greater NY area. That’s not NYC chauvinism but a reflection of the geographic and population realities. There are lots of folks here, lots of people who will be interested in going to DC and the distance from here to there makes it financially and time-wise possible to do the trip.  But bringing large numbers of people to DC requires a coordinated, citywide effort. No one group can take this on themselves. We hope that you can be at this meeting to find out more about the plans and to help us begin the process of building for this in NYC.

City-wide meeting to discuss NYC plans as part of national campaign on climate, racial and economic justice
Thursday, Nov.17th  –  6 pm to 8:30 pm
SEIU 1199 – 310 West 43rd Street, 7th floor
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