El Semillero (The Seedbed) at Loisaida Center

People planting in an urban garden

Our community partner, Loisaida Center, located at 710 E. 9th Street in Manhattan’s East Village/Lower East Side, is launching a community tech incubator for artists, technologists, and innovators committed to the creative and economic sustainability of the Loisaida neighborhood and its communtiy.  El Semillero (The Seedbed) is a community and Latinx led Tech, Media & Maker incubator at the Loisaida Center, which is set to launch in summer 2018.  The project has been in the pipeline for over five years, and Loisaida’s staff and allies are proud to be able finally to launch this enhanced and essential set of cultural services that affirm Puerto Rican, Latinx and LES working artists’ livelihood and innovation.


Click here for more information about El Semillero

Click here for a short video clip about Loisaida Inc

To help support the creation of El Semillero, please consider attending the February 27 benefit at Loisaida Center.  More information here.