Call for Proposals: The Next System Project (NYC, March 10-12)

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We’re happy to announce that the Urban Democracy Lab is a co-sponsor for the upcoming NYC convening of “The Next System Project,” which will take place on March 10-12:

What should the next system look like — and how can we get there?


We are in the midst of systemic crisis.

Growing inequality, climate disruption, mass incarceration, perpetual warfare and too many other crises to name have woken us up:

In order to build a world that prioritizes people, communities and the planet, we need space to reimagine what’s possible, uplift projects that move us closer to our vision(s), and build connections among the people already doing the hard work to bring us into another paradigm.

March 10th-12th, hundreds of New Yorkers — including community members, activists, students, faculty, and visionaries of all kinds — will gather at the New School and the Murphy Institute or a The Next System NYC, where we’ll vision together, share work & ideas and build connections that serve us as we work towards a “Next System.”

Call for Proposals

We’re calling for workshops and panels that explore one or more aspects of the “next system” — and we want to hear from you! Let’s explore alternatives and models that produce outcomes that are sustainable, equitable, and democratic.

For more details, visit the The Next System Project’s website.