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“The Occupiers: The Making of the 99 Percent Movement”: A Forum

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Celebrating the publication of sociologist Michael Gould-Wartofsky’s new book, The Occupiers: The Making of the 99 Percent Movement, this forum will explore the ways in which the Occupy movement has remained active and influential since Zuccotti Park. It will also help us set an agenda for future action. Activists Laura Gottesdiener, Diego Ibanez, Michelle Crentsil, and moderator Bhaskar Sunkara, editor and publisher of Jacobin magazine, will join Gould-Wartofsky in the discussion.

About the participants:

Michael Gould-Wartofsky is is a PhD candidate in Sociology at New York University. He was one of the first social scientists on the ground at Occupy Wall Street on Sept 17, 2011, beginning his inquiry then and continuing uninterrupted ever since.

Laura Gottesdiener is a veteran of the People’s Kitchen and author of A Dream Foreclosed (Zuccotti Park Press, 2013)

Diego Ibanez is co-founder of Occupy Sandy and the Occupy Wall Street Immigrant Worker Justice Working Group.

Michelle Crentsil is co-founder of the Occupy Wall Street People of Color Working Group.

Bhaskar Sunkara is the editor and publisher of Jacobin Magazine

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