Place, Displacement, & The Politics of Housing

National Webinar Call — Victories 2015: A Resurgence of the Housing Justice Movement

Little boy holding a sign saying "I Believe in Homes for All"
Thursday, September 24, 3:00pm5:00pm

From our friends at Right to the City:


Communities of color are fighting back, facing record displacement and exorbitant, ever rising rents.  Housing victories have been won in San Diego, Santa Fe, Richmond CA, New York and beyond!  They include:  Rent Control, Renters Bill of Rights, Just Cause Eviction, Historic Rent Freeze and Code Enforcement.

Growing Our Movement

The time is ripe to build on our momentum, expand our organizing to new cities and keep winning.  Right to the City’s Homes For All campaign is in 26 cities, 18 states, and all regions of the country.  Homes For All partners led or participated in each of these victories.

National Webinar Call —  Victories 2015:  A Resurgence of Housing Justice Movement

September 24, Thursday at 3 ET/2 CT/1 MT/12 PT

Webinar will be 90 minutes.  Dialogue with representatives of each victory and discuss taking the housing justice movement to the next level.  Weblink and call in information will be sent out before call.

Santa Fe, NM — Tomas Rivera (Chainbreaker)
Victory: Renters Bill of Rights City Council Resolution
San Diego, CA — Virginia Angeles (Community Leadership Association)
Victory: Strengthened Code Enforcement
Richmond, CA — Dan Harper (Tenants Together), David Sharples (ACCE with Center for Popular Democracy)
Victory: Rent Control, Just Cause Eviction
New York, NY — Cathy Dang (CAAAV), Ava Farkas (Metropolitan Council on Housing), Sheila Garcia (Community Action for Safe Apartments)
Victory: Historic Rent Freeze