Housing Tech City? New York’s Future With(out) Amazon

Museum of the City of New York
5th Avenue
New York, NY , USA
Wednesday, April 17, 6:30pm8:30pm

Amazon has reneged on their plan to build their second corporate headquarters, HQ2, in Long Island City, Queens, due to opposition from local and state politicians and activists. As some New Yorkers rejoice and others feel that the city has missed an opportunity, the critical questions raised by Amazon’s impending arrival and sudden departure are as important as ever. Along with the promise of jobs and economic diversification came concerns about infrastructure, inequality, and the impact of the project on housing affordability—questions that will continue to affect the city with or without Amazon. Should New Yorkers be relieved or aggrieved? What’s next for the city’s relationship to big tech and big business?

Architect and professor Vishaan Chakrabarti; city planner and writer Alan Mallach; noted sociologist and globalization theorist Dr. Saskia Sassen, and community leader and activist Maritza Silva-Farrell discuss this critical moment in the city’s development, how cities like New York can continue to grow and remain vibrant and affordable in an economy increasingly dominated by large corporations, and what can be learned from the experiences of cities like San Francisco and Seattle. Moderated by New York magazine’s Justin Davidson.

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