December 1 | Great New Books in the Humanities: Barrio Rising

Advertisement for event with "Barrio Rising" book cover
Tuesday, December 1, 12:00am12:00am

Advertisement for event with "Barrio Rising" book coverFrom our friends at the NYU Center for the Humanities:

Beginning in the late 1950s political leaders in Venezuela built what they celebrated as Latin America’s most stable democracy. But outside the staid halls of power, in the gritty barrios of a rapidly urbanizing country, another politics was rising—unruly, contentious, and clamoring for inclusion. Based on years of archival and ethnographic research in Venezuela’s largest public housing community, Barrio Rising delivers the first in-depth history of urban popular politics before the Bolivarian Revolution, providing crucial context for understanding the democracy that emerged during the presidency of Hugo Chávez.

Alejandro Velasco
Associate Professor,Gallatin School of Individualized Study & Department of History, NYU

Julie Skurski
Distinguished Lecturer, Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center

Mark Healey
Associate Professor, History, University of Connecticut


Dorothy Kronick
Visiting Scholar, Department of Politics, NYU

December 1st, 6pm
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10003

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