Democratizing the Green City

Everyone agrees that our future lies in cities and that these cities need to be greener and more sustainable. But zoom in on any given project and over and over the same problem presents itself: too often green progress reinforces social inequality.Greening an area—either by reducing pollution or increasing livability—raises a place’s economic value; those who cannot afford to stay find themselves forced out.

Is it possible to break this link between environmental improvement and social displacement? What are robust strategies for greening cities in a democratic fashion—with equitable outcomes, broad participation in shaping urban futures, and vigorous contestation between competing projects?

Life in cities cannot continue without sophisticated and intensive greening, but democracy in cities cannot survive the increasing polarization of inequality—sometimes called eco-apartheid—that current greening strategies so often encourage. This collective research and network-building project aims to bring academic and community resources to bear on this issue, joining other groups in New York and around the world.

This project is currently stewarded by:
Gianpaolo Baiocchi, New York University
Daniel Aldana Cohen, University of Pennsylvania
Hillary Angelo, University of California, Santa Cruz
Miriam Greenberg, University of California, Santa Cruz


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