March 2018
March 23, 2018 ▪ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Apartheid Remains: A Talk with Sharad Chari

March 23, 2018 ▪ 12:30 pm

  While it is a truism that post-Apartheid South Africa is still wrestling with a long history of colonialism, segregation and racial capitalism, we know less about how people handle the remains of the past. This talk begins by laying out what remains of various periods in a long 20th century of racial capitalism and struggle, particularly in ‘Indian’ and ‘Coloured’ neighborhoods in the shadows of oil refineries in the Indian Ocean city of Durban in South Africa. Through an…

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March 28, 2018 ▪ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Thinking Beyond the Market: Housing Alternatives from the People

March 28, 2018 ▪ 6:30 pm

  Unaffordable and precarious housing has become the new normal, as America’s protracted housing crisis continues to deepen. Has the time come to think beyond the market? How viable are bottom-up, non-market alternatives like Community Land Trusts and Tenement Syndicates? The Urban Democracy Lab is proud to host a panel discussion that takes up the question, featuring scholars and activists at the forefront of that very discussion while celebrating the release of Right To The City’s report, “Community Over Commodities,”…

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April 2018
April 27, 2018 - April 28, 2018

The Latin East: An International Conference

April 27, 2018

At the height of Latin America’s “pink tide” in the mid-2000s, left wing governments throughout the region developed unprecedented economic, political, and cultural ties with the Arab world as part of a larger effort to disrupt U.S. hegemony globally. Meanwhile in the Middle East, entrenched power regimes seemed to teeter against a wave of social and political movements broadly identified as the Arab Spring. Today, as the Pink Tide recedes and renewed conflict and authoritarianism grips the Middle East, the…

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